Tape Backup Systems

At a glance, it may seem like tape backup systems are obsolete, a dinosaur, a thing of the past. After all, we have DVDs now that hold so much more information, there are mirror drives, and the whole Cloudware scenario.

In actuality, the tape backup systems of today are very different from the ones of even a decade ago, tape backups themselves are about as outdated as circuit boards. There may be a great deal of innovation, but none of that will replace the need to store data quickly and efficiently. Burning DVDs isn’t all that fast, and it’d still require someone to sit in front of every machine in a company and change them out. There’s simply no smooth way to automate backups with that technology. “But it’s a DVD, they’re HUGE!” Some may exclaim. Yes, and home hard drives are now exceeding terabyte proportions. The only real way to continue to handle the enormous demands for safeguarding data is by something which can be expanded. That means tape backups.

Today’s tape backup systems are nothing at all like most of us visualize. Huge spools of magnetic tapes are now gone, replaced by light, concise, efficient tape cartridges. You’re not going to be made to sit and wait for it to finish so you can change the tape either. Tapes hold a lot of data these days, and if there’s a need for multiple tapes, a robotic system will change them for you automatically. It will even keep them all cataloged. There’s nothing to take care of anymore, nothing to watch or tend to. If there’s an error, the tape backup system will either handle it automatically, or let you know about it, and suggest what needs to be done! A brief consideration of alternatives finds them lacking. A mirror drive won’t let you go back to yesterday or last week if you have data loss or suffer an infection, and if the building catches fire, the mirror drive is still going to burn along with the machine, leaving you at a total loss of irreplaceable information. Uploading your data to a paid service is nowhere near secure enough during transmission, far too slow for such large volumes of information, is expensive, and is still no guarantee that you’ll get your information back intact if you should suffer a loss! DVDs aren’t the solution either.

Tape backup systems have survived all these years because they work. They have improved and evolved, become quite sophisticated, but not at the risk of fragility. Today’s systems are expandable as well; you can buy a smaller system now and add on to it as your need for safe storage grows. The archived data cartridges are easily transferred to an off-site location for safe keeping. All of these things make tape backup systems both the past and the future of our ever-growing need for data security for years to come!


Dear Signtronix – I do want to explain a little about our advertising plan since you will note that many of the customers said they had seen our ad in the newspaper versus coming into our business because of the Signtronix sign.

At the end of October we always do a lot for advertising because wild game sausage making is a big part of our business. We have been in business for 36 years and we also have a very good reputation in our area. Therefore, we get lots of customers from word of mouth besides our newspaper campaigns. In the past 24 days, we have had 648 wild game sausage customers come through our doors and much of that is repeat business. With the Christmas Holiday coming up, we will see more new customers, however, it will be hard to tell how many come in because of the Signtronix sign.

We do want you to know that we love the sign and it will work for us!!!

Carol Burshire
Neil’s Quality Meats
Mcintosh, Minnesota

There are a number of online services where you can search public records for almost anything, including searching marriage and divorce records in California, for free. But when you find the records you want, you have to pay for the report. Given how overwhelming it might sounds to search through public records at a government office, paying for the information might sounds like an easy solution. But there are ways to find divorce records in California for free if you’re brave enough. You will have to pay if you want a copy, and a certified copy is usually a little more expensive.

California Divorce records are kept in the California Department of Health Services, often referred to as the CDHS. This department is actually split into two separate entities, the DHCS or California Department of Health Care Services, and the CDPH, the California Department of Public Health. Within the California Department of Public Health is a unit that handled certificates and licenses in the state of California. The Vital Records Office in this unit houses records of all births, deaths, marriages and divorces, among other things.

This office will have information on divorces and will be able to issue what’s known as a Certificate of Record on any divorces that occurred within the state from 1962 to mid-1984. For other divorces, you must find the records in the government office of the county in which the divorce was granted. The Certificate of Record contains very limited information regarding the divorce. It will have the names of each party in the divorce, the case number, and the name of the county where the divorce was filed. Whether or not the divorce was ever granted and finalized isn’t included. So if you want more details on any divorces listed in the Vital Records Office, you’ll need to see the government office in the county where the divorce was filed and granted.

A copy of a Certificate of Record is $13-but to get one can take several months. The better option is to request a record from the local government office where the divorce was filed, like the County Recorder’s Office.

If you’re looking for an actual divorce decree or a Record of Marriage Dissolution, you must get it from the county where the divorce was filed. You must go through the Superior Court to get it, because it contains all the details of the divorce settlement, including how assets were divided, any child support or alimony awarded, and even custody rulings and visitation rights of the non-custodial parent. Every detail of the divorce settlement is contained in this document.

And often, the marriage record or marriage license is merged with a divorce decree in the database, or the marriage license is “filed” with the divorce decree and comes up when searching for divorce records in California for free. Certified copies will cost whatever fee that particular county charges for copies, but the search and the ability to view the records should be free. For more information research the divorce law California information guide. Its online, and free!

Snowmass Colorado

News Source: Anderson Ranch

Anderson Ranch Teaches Intellectual Skills Through Art (ARTISTA) Program Gaining Momentum at Crystal River Elementary School

A fourth grade student in Nan Fields’s class at Crystal River Elementary School (CRES) raises her hand, “I notice that the light in the bottom looks like night light and the top part has sky so it must be day.” Students continue to raise their hands, offering observations and thinking critically, while teaching artist, Sarabeth Berk, leads an inquiry session about an artwork by Renee Magritte that relates to ideas of electricity and natural light.

The inquiries about artworks are part of bigger lessons that five teaching artists are currently facilitating at CRES with different third and fourth grade classes. In its second year, the ARTISTA program sponsored by Anderson Ranch Art Center will reach approximately 100 elementary students through projects that are designed to integrate school standards, targeted areas of the curriculum—like the solar system or circuitry—and also develop critical thinking and visual literacy.

When It Comes To Sheds, Mother Knows Best

About three years ago, my mother requisitioned a barn-style storage shed for her back yard. She wanted a little red barn, like the one she found at the sheds website. Having a construction company of my own, I quietly scoffed at the idea of having anyone else’s prefab or kit, and I certainly didn’t need someone else’s plans to build something as simple as a Gambrel roof shed! “I’ll handle it mom,” I promised, and put pencil and CAD program to the feat.

But mom wasn’t having it. She was about to “I don’t like this,” and “I don’t like that” me to death. We were out at the local Maynard’s Building Supply looking at windows for this project, when she spotted some prefab frames and insisted we could simply buy their kit. (It’s amazing how our mothers refuse to trust our professional capabilities, but they still see us as kids, in some ways.) Rather than argue with her, I conceded and went over to the Contractor’s Desk to order the parts and schedule delivery.

The next day, the truck arrived with a fork lift to deliver the prefab frames, sheeting, roof deck material, shingles, and hinge kit for this “so easy anyone can build it in a day” kit. As I checked in the invoice, half of the pre-fabricated frames were so badly put together that they had to be sent back. Some of the lumber had warped, some of the machine-pressed joints had huge gaps in them. Overall, it was rather shoddy, but I stifled myself, thinking “It’s just a shed, it doesn’t need to be build like a house. That’s what mom wants, so let it go.”

The replacement parts were eventually delivered, and we were finally ready to roll. The next Saturday, my sisters and their husbands came over, as did the next door neighbor. Mom fired up the grill, and we commenced the barn raising party.

The frames were sent folded in half, held together by folded mending plates. The material was 2×2 frame, and flimsy is being generous. Each was 12′ wide by 12 feet tall. These giant “ribs” had to be laid out flat on the ground – itself a feat, while they were so wobbly. Sheets of Smartboard were then attached, with us pulling and pushing and prodding the frames into being square to match the boards. Then came the fun of cutting the odd angled pieces that would sheet the front and back of the barn. There was no plan of any kind. This kit came with a couple sheets of paper, Xerox copies of the scant instructions. If I wasn’t an experienced builder, I’d have been totally lost. We finally got the first end panel sheeted, and stood up, and all I could think of was that this heavy thing was going to crumple and fall over on us any moment now. We managed to pick it up and move it, leaning it up against the garage. Mom saw how it dwarfed the garage, and stood there in shock as she watched it swaying in the breeze. It didn’t take her more than a few seconds to echo my own thoughts: “Take that thing down before it falls down, take it apart, and send the junk back!” The store didn’t even argue about it. I guess it wasn’t the first time they had one of those outdoor storage shed “kits” come back.

What did I do? I built the plan I’d drafted, board at a time, from the ground up. I spent a small fortune doing it, and when it got to the roof rafters, even with a jig, each piece had to be custom measured and cut while I was hanging off a ladder, 10 feet up in the air. When the walls were stood up, they had to be forced to square. Then came the task of mounting the upper half of the building’s structure, which I’d designed to rest atop 6′ tall walls. It got done, but it wasn’t exactly a one-man job. In short, this outdoor storage shed took a LOT of work. All told, I spent almost six weeks building the thing. Now that it’s all built, it is strong, but there are several things I’d have done differently. Experience does matter, and the things that work on a house aren’t necessarily a good idea for building outdoor storage sheds.

In the final analysis, the junk kit bought at the hardware store would have been a disaster, and we were right to send it back. The building I did from scratch was solid, probably overbuilt, and still stands strong and looks good, but I spent thousands of dollars on the frame and sheeting alone, had many trips back and forth to the lumber yard to pick up materials and hardware I’d not thought of or had forgotten the last time I was there. It was a huge hassle and expense, and took up a tremendous amount of time. Even though it’s finished, (except for those corner trims I forgot about,) I still cringe every time I visit my mother’s house and look at the thing, remembering the hell it was to build it.

My wife is not a stupid woman. She really liked the idea of having a little (well, big) barn in the back yard, but she had the sense to wait a couple years before starting to campaign for a similar shed in our own back yard. She’s clever, my wife, so she started off with flattery. Painful flashbacks kept me resolute in my “No way” reply. Her “Why not?” precipitated a torrential downpour of all the reasons I was NOT building another one – not for her, not for me, not for my mother, not for anyone.

“Rent one of those ocean-going metal containers if you want more room,” I suggested, already knowing she’s say that they’re too ugly.

Weeks went by. The subject kept coming up. Finally, she hit me up with “I know! How about getting one of those units that your mom was looking at in the very beginning?” She was wily. By the time I realized I was being set up, it was already too late. She’d been planning this all along, even had the model picked out.

I’m stubborn at times, but hardly stupid. The price of the kit from Bettersheds.com included a much better quality of wood than I could have purchased locally. The designs were already stress and load tested, flaws already worked out, unlike my prototype. Boards, panels and trim all came pre-cut, to ensure that everything was square the first time. I wouldn’t even need to get out the saw! It didn’t take long for me to realize how much easier this was going to be, and how much better it was going to look, how much faster it would go up. Using their kit, I really could get done over a long weekend!

The outdoor storage shed kit came exactly as described, and every piece and part was perfect. There was no wasted material, and assembling the pre-cut pieces made it nearly impossible to do anything wrong. When the trim was on, it looked pretty much exactly like the pictures. It was faster, looked better, cost less, and was a lot less work. I have to admit, they make a pretty snazzy kit.

When it was finished, my wife invited my mother over to see it. She was obviously impressed.

“Why didn’t you make mine like that,” Mom quipped.

I was spared having to say it myself. My wife did the dirty deed for me: “Oh, we ordered this one from that place you told us about,” she replied, “BetterSheds.com.”

Mom shot me a nasty look, but she was grinning as she smacked me in the back of the head.

We all knew it was coming. She’d said it many times before, but she had to get it in one more time anyway:

“When are you going to learn that Mother knows best?”

For once, I didn’t mind her being right.

Searchable Portfolio of Healthcare Real Estate and Medical Office Buildings Now Online

NexCore Group, a leading healthcare real estate developer, is pleased to publicize the highly anticipated launch of the new web site located at www.NexCoreGroup.com

In a response to interviews with NexCore Group stakeholders, NexCoreGroup.com delivers easy navigation and new online searchable portfolio. The NexCoreGroup.com homepage greets the visitor with the keys to ‘Creating Value for Healthcare Providers: Strategy, Development, Acquisition, Ownership’ set within a dynamic slideshow of its healthcare real estate projects overlaid with clear portfolio site navigation links.

Jarrod Daddis, senior managing director of NexCore Group, explains, “Based on our research we found that visitors go to healthcare real estate websites to:

a) get facts on companies capabilities,
b) view photos, search project types and scope, and
c) find a contact name to get in touch with.

NexCoreGroup.com provides all this in a site that is easy to find, easily accessible and most importantly, displays content that reflects the personality, experience and expertise of NexCore Group.” So far the feedback has been incredibly positive.

Bob Ricker, Associate VP, Suburban Services, Rex Healthcare of Knightdale said, “I look for experience, photos and project visuals first and then a way to contact an actual person with whom I can discuss my unique and specific needs. The new NexCoreGroup.com site does just that.” “Great stuff!

The new website really shows how NexCore Group supplies healthcare providers with a strategybased approach that integrates and enhances medical practice business plans and strategies,” reported Alan Becker, Health Futures Development Group, Consultant to Alexian Brothers St. Alexius Doctors Office Building III.

NexCoreGroup.com facilitates easy navigation and planning for healthcare systems, hospitals, physicians and providers. By developing profiles of typical website visitors, the company was able to improve its website information architecture and navigation for faster and more direct click thru paths suited to individual visitor preferences.

Visitors arriving at the NexCoreGroup.com homepage get direct instant access to many links, including:

• Company management and partners
• Strategy, development, acquisition and ownership services
• Searchable portfolio of medical office buildings and ambulatory care centers
• Specific contacts for West, Midwest and East region inquiries

View Squidoo! HealthCare Real Estate

No one who has ever seen a picture of the Grand Tetons of Jackson Hole, Wyoming will ever forget the dramatic, majestic rise of those lofty heights… and no skier has ever seen them and not felt a certain longing at skiing some part of that range. Grand Teton itself rises to an amazing 13,770 feet – over a mile and a quarter above the valley’s 6800 foot elevation! It’s impossible to spy that sight and not be overwhelmed and impressed at the grandeur. Jackson Hole may just be the ultimate destination for ski vacations to Wyoming.

Jackson Hole Mountain resort’s 2500 in-bound acres are full of bowls, steeps and deeps. Sometimes they even groom the 500 inches of pristine powder snowfall that the mountain receives per year! How big is it? Are you sitting down? Jackson Hole offers an inconceivable FOUR THOUSAND feet of vertical drop (actualy 4,139 feet, but at that point, who’s counting?) They get an average of 459 inches of snow, and incomparable backcountry access, to the two distinct mountains that make up the Tetons. Experience wild, untamed terrain as well as rolling, wide-open groomers. See wildlife and nature like you’ve never see it before!

The other mountain, Grand Targhee Ski Resort, enjoys over 500 inches of slick, light, dry and magical powder! Grand Targhee is located in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The base is at 8,000 feet, and in the Teton Mountain Range, 42 miles west of Jackson Hole. Grant Targhee also consists of two mountains – one enjoying 2000 vertical feet, while the other gets a 2419 foot vertical drop. Fred’s Mountain is set up for more conventional skiing, with 63 trails over their 1500 skiable acres, and a 2.7 mile long run! Peaked Mountain has only 9 trails, and offers 1000 acres of Snowcat skiing. Neither of these mountains is the place for beginners.

A third option is Snow King, which opened in 1939 and offers night skiing. Snow King is conveniently located right there in the town of Jackson. Snow King is a lot of fun for the entire family, and a great place for beginners of all ages to learn to ski.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Explore with snowshoes, or a dog sled. Rent a touring snowmobile, (with or without the guide) and get to vistas that few others will ever see!

If you’re the adventurous type, the backcountry is incomparable! You’re able to hire a backcountry company to take you for the day or even overnight, to see and ski the Jedediah Smith Wilderness Area and Grand Teton National Park. Rent a yurt and stay up on the mountain, where you and your party will be the only ones leaving prints in that incredibly dry, light powder! Tips up, lean back, and glide through chest-high powder! That’s a rush and a memory you’ll likely NEVER get anywhere else! The terrain is widely varied, so even beginners will be able to enjoy the excursion! In backcountry, you’ll find steep mountain ridges and precipices, low-angled powder bowls, chutes and pretty much everything in between. The guides will see to it that you have an awesome and safe Jackson Hole ski vacations!